Matt Boulos

We build things differently when we honour the dignity of each and every person.

I am a lawyer and computer scientist confronting the rapacious tendency to draft the world in an image that serves the privileged.

I write, advocate, and build companies using advanced technologies.

I specialize in commercializing academic breakthroughs and bridging complex fields (like law and technology).

And I would love to meet you.

My companies

An artificial intelligence startup that uses economics to improve the equity of class schedules in higher education.

Teen Legal Helpline
An online service that connects young people to expert lawyers without the need for physical clinics or dedicated staff.

I began my career with McKinsey & Company.

LinkedIn profile here.


Harvard Law School・MIT・University of Toronto

Selling Fairness: Reflections on Commercializing the Course Match Allocation Mechanism. MD4SG.

[old] Gonzalo Ramos, Matthew Boulos, Ravin Balakrishnan. (2004). Pressure Widgets. Proceedings of CHI 2004 – the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. P. 487-494.


bu · lɪs — Paul, in Arabic (ماثيو).

I am Canadian and live in San Francisco with my brilliant wife and a sassy mutt.

My faith structures my life and colours my sense of what is possible in the care we extend each other.


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